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Lisam ComplyStation is the first platform dedicated to alleviating the complexities of compliance and quality management through a set of business applications. A fresh and brand-new way to envision and overcome the regulatory demands needed to safeguard your business.


Our ComplyStation Solutions

From supplier to the downstream user, automatically distribute and dynamically manage all your safety documents with PubliChem.
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Organize, update and easily retrieve all your regulatory data from a single place thanks to our collaborative data platform (CDP).
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Chemspector is a user-friendly tool built to track and manage the storage of your hazardous substances and chemical equipment.
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HR Onboarding provides a knowledge base of your employee's info and ensures their fast integration and operationality.
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SPOT allows for the centralization of all customer requests and related tasks to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction!
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Efficiently manage and track your customers’ and employees’ approvals when it comes to the protection of their personal data.
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ComplyStation Advantages

Interfaceable with any third-party software.

Available on your mobile.