Our Corporate Values


Think Ahead

Now is already too late for a compliance software company! At Lisam, we place ourselves ahead of the requirements, we anticipate the needs to build the most timely and innovative solutions.


Be Passionate

Only passion can guarantee quality and sustained performance. With our passion, we find purpose in our work, opportunities in challenges, we are full of determination to achieve our goals and we go way beyond to satisfy our customers.


Strive for Excellence

We are fully committed to continuous improvement in the quality and performance of all our products and services. We seek to reach and maintain the highest level of industry excellence through exceptional staffing, cutting-edge products, and high-quality services.


Foster Knowledge

The highest standard of quality and compliance can only be achieved and maintained by engaging in research, developing and nurturing internal skills and staying aware of the regulatory changes. Cultivating knowledge is necessary to offer continuous quality.


Value Customers

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. They are the essence of our ideas, the core of our new developments and the soul of our investments; Lisam’s corporate DNA is made up of our customers’ needs and finding ways to fulfill them.